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The Benchtop Battles

Selecting your benchtop for new kitchens or renovations is always a tough decision. It’s the time-worn battle between laminate and stone. Let's breifly discuss the positive and negative factors of the two options!


Laminate has always been more affordable than stone, yet in recent years it has really improved in both range, style and durability. Laminate can now perform the same visual functions of stone at a third of the cost and time to produce and install. Laminate is much easier to replace than stone, should you stain or burn your benchtop – accidents happen! It is also more shock-absorbent and wont crack and chip.


Stone is a more prestigious feel, with a premium price tag. Gorgeous, unique pieces of granite or marble really make your kitchen special. Regarding durability, stone is heat and scratch resistant, but can chip or crack. Lighter stone colours can also get some ugly stains. It’s a lot harder to replace due to the longer turn around and cost.


The long installation of stone benches is due to the process the mason has to go through to measure onsite, and then cut at the factory, and then install back onsite. It can take up to two weeks and can be frustrating for renovators who want to use their new kitchens! Laminate can be cut, edged and installed within a few days, so for speedier renovations, it’s definitely the go-to.


Consider if your household will be around long enough to enjoy the stone bench, because it doesn’t necessarily value-add to sale prices. Laminate is a more popular choice for families with children as it is less costly to replace. Additionally, stone can be a hazard if the kids aren’t careful, as stone is very hard compared to glass and will shatter plates without much force.

We hope that helps you to weigh your options regarding your new kitchen bench, and we hope you love it, whatever you decide!

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